Sophisticated geometric patterns.

Woven Woods



Saroyan’s patterns are a proud tradition and legacy to old world craftsmanship. High quality, carefully selected hardwoods are precision cut and artfully assembled by hand. All tongue-and-groove construction provides superior performance as well as ease of installation. Our custom program allows for infinite combinations of hardwood species, unique designs, and surface textures in both Solid and Engineered Flooring.
Herringbone is a pattern of rectangles assembled in a distinct arrangement that resembles the bones of a fish, such as a herring. Herringbone floors have rich history as both a traditional floor pattern throughout Europe and in classic American homes. This pattern is also found in many contemporary, modern settings.
Chevron refers to a floor with hardwood planks arranged to form continuous V patterns. The ends of each board are usually cut to precisely 45 degrees to allow for the repeat of the V configuration throughout the entire floor. The Chevron pattern, a popular variation of the herringbone, also finds its roots in medieval Europe. Chevron has also become very popular in a variety of newer architectural styles.

5 stars all the way!!! We've been considering different options to change our flooring, but haven't considered refinishing the existing ones because we thought they were too outdated. Well, until we met Claudiu and he reassured us he can refinish them and give them a modern look with a grey finish. We trusted him based on photos of his previous work and we are so happy we did! He worked fast and clean and the floors turned out amazing and they changed the look of our entire house. I'm so glad we met Claudiu, I only wish we met him sooner!

Cami R.

Dec 11, 2017

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